Our products are designed to light up Indian kitchens with a refined taste that’s truly International. Every product of ours goes through stringent quality tests before reaching your homes. At Solar Sales India, quality and taste trump everything else.

Baking Essentials

Solar presents to you a wide range of baking essentials for a delightful baking experience. Explore the world of baking with our baking essentials right from baking powder, cocoa powder, china grass to dry active yeast. Bake professional quality cakes, pastries, bread and cookies with Solar's baking product range. Solar's baking essentials are must-haves in every kitchen.

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Herbs & Seasonings

Solar brings you a wide range of authentic spices and herbs from the best sources to add versatility to your cooking preparations. Our premium quality spices and herbs are a chef's delight for creating tasty, flavorful and magical cuisines. Break away from the simple, tried and tested combinations by exploring different spices and herbs combinations with food and create unique tasting dishes.

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Gourmet Sugars

Solar brings you a wide range of gourmet sugars to enhance your cooking and baking experience. Processed from the finest ingredients our gourmet sugars can transform food and drinks to another level. A perfect replacement for regular sugar, Solar's gourmet sugars also add flavor and texture to baked goods. Sweeten up your coffee, tea, cookies, cakes, breakfast cereals or use as icing for decorating baked goods.

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Custard and Cornflour

Solar brings to you a range of eclectic custard powder and fine corn flour. Solar`s cornflour is an ideal kitchen companion that is used to thicken gravies, curries, stews and soups. Give your family a healthy dessert alternative in the form of Solar`s custard powder which can be poured over fruits, ice creams or can be had on its own.

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